"- Victoria is one of my favourite performers. I strongly recommend her as a teacher, improviser, and performing artist" - Peter Nordstrand, Producing Artistic Director for Gothenburg improfestival ( improfest.se )

I have been teaching for many years, on big and small corporations.  I encourage people daring to taking risks with playful commitment - for work, family and life!

For me - impro is to go all in 100% - always. 

Commit, care and dare!

In improv, we have to make bald choices to create new stories every time. And for a business, the attitude has to be the same, to grow, to have openminded staff, to become greater and balder,. What do we need to do? Be openminded, be bald and take risks. The risk that leads to success, but also the risk of failing. In impro, we celebrate the risk and encourage you to do the same, no matter the outcome. The most important thing is that you take the step to dare.


When I work with a team for the first time, I inspire a group-first mindset from the beginning and build from there.

I conduct exercises that open people's minds and push them out of their comfort zone. We will practice communicating with purpose, rather than out of habit, and explore taking risks, to experience what it means to truly value having fun and celebrating success and failure when it comes to creativity. I will unlock the inner Daredevil in participants which will build confidence - in work, family and life.

My sessions are about playfulness, being present in the moment and trust, in each other and ourselves, so we feel safe and challenges to take risks.

Depending on what your goal is, the workshops I do have a focus on having fun, being positive and listening to understand, in order to grow confidence and passion.


I adapt your wishes and goals into my workshops, weather it is about service, communication, teambuilding or confidence.

Contact me with your thoughts, and I will help you and your company!


Corporate work at Facebook head office, Dublin Ireland 2016.

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