-Perfect Match 2k30 was a wonderful improvised examination of love in the 21st century. Victoria Bang and Glenn Hall slipped into every aspect of relationship at every stage of infatuation, love, possessiveness and disdain with fluidity and utter surprise.
It was a great example of Viola Spolin’s precept of ‘Following the Follower’ the key to true relation. They are a pleasure to watch
- Gary Schwartz (USA)
- ​ I love performing with Glenn & Victoria, and I love watching each of them on stage in any Improv show. Their chemistry as a Duo elevates them to something more than the sum of their improvising parts. I'm always desiring a sense of "playfully ruthless and ruthlessly playful" and in Hall and the Bang you have this, almost nonstop, on an emotional, intellectual and theatrical level. They are delightful.
- Joe Bill (USA)

I have a duo with Glenn Hall ( AUS) and we offer both workshops  and our shows  #Perfectmatch2k30  or "Hall and the Bang" all over the world in a package deal.


If you are interested in our duo, please contact any of us for further information,

We have a separate website for our duo, that you find HERE.                    

Hall and the Bang

Downloading Love™ is easy. There is an app, an algorithm that enables any relationship; lust, sex and love are not bound by money, time or place.

There are no more random meetings, no chance encounters, yet you can have any Love™ you like. Just a tap and a swipe at the tip of your digits mean you need never be alone - once you've found your #perfectmatch2k30. Sounds like the perfect dance of two violins in a perfect world. 

But what happens if there's discordance in the formula? When is perfect not perfect enough? Can you patch the glitch?

#perfectmatch2k30 explores the spaces between binary relations and the future of love - in a world where perfection is possible, what would it take for you to upgrade Love™?


Hall and the Bang is an improv duo who play fast, loose and with truth.

An Australian/Swedish combination, different but the same, like a meat pie and a meatball, Glenn Hall and Victoria Bang start with a casual conversation between performers and audience.

Inspired by the audience, Hall and the Bang tap into their instinct and embrace the chaos of pure spontaneity! 

Staying together in the present and refusing to plan ahead, they don’t create stories, rather, they notice the stories that have been created.

No prepared schtick, no go-to gags, no idea what will happen next, Hall and the Bang set out to not only surprise and delight their audiences worldwide, but also to surprise and delight themselves.

Hall and the Bang

In improvisation we’re trained to say ‘Yes’ in order to create and build and share.

There is power in saying ‘Yes’, but what if you’re improvising with someone who wants to refuse the ideas you create? Destroy the conversations and scenes you’re trying to build? Take what they can for themselves instead of sharing the moment?

If you see yourself as nice and polite, struggle with confrontation and generally just don’t want to make a scene (pun intended); you won't say anything, you’ll continue to allow yourself to feel bad and they will continue to do what they’re doing because they have no reason to change.

They may be ignorant, apathetic or malevolent, but nothing will ever change, unless you change it. Maybe they won’t change, but you can change yourself.

This brand new workshop is designed to give you the tools and techniques to show you that YOU HAVE THE POWER when your scene partner consistently:
* Ignores or blocks your ideas, making you feel inadequate/embarrassed/ashamed in order to make themselves look good/get laughs/win
* Controls the scene by endowing your characters and their circumstances to make them victims/impotent/powerless
* Prioritises their fun at the expense of your fun

Victoria and Glenn will help you embrace your own spirit animal, by helping you take power over yourself, the situation and anyone killing your fun.

At the end of this workshop you’ll be singing “I’ve Got The Power" at the top of your lungs!

 Workshop: I´ve got the power! 

- Being on stage with these two people is great fun!  They are both generous attentive improvisers and they have a unique chemistry that turns their duo into a wonderful adventure! - Inbal Lori ( Israel )

- Victoria and Glenn bring a curiosity and a passion to their improv that is contagious and inspiring. Get into a room with these talented, funny artists to either work with them or watch them perform! ​ 

-Naomi Snieckus and Matt Baram, The national theatre of the world  (Canada)

-Light, dark, brave, risky, dirty, slow, fast, furious, wild, calm, silly, mindful, generous, reliable, fun, hungry, curious, beautiful, honest, swedish, australian ... to be continued ... Lucky me to have them around my impro world - on stage and off stage. - Beatrix Brunschko ( Austria)

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