Le Swe-des

Le Swe-des is sweet mix of a couple of Swedens most innovated and most popular improvisers. You have seen them all around the world on different improfestivals and theatres - and now the are together in Le Swe-des!

Since the troup are a festival team, I can adapt  the show to a duo, trio or a full ensemble, so that we fit the best into what you need at your festival! We would love to come and play and spread the Swedish impro! :D

Le Swe-des has performed at Ireland Improfestival 2016, Barcelona improfestival 2016,Birmingham festival 2016  and Tel Aviv Improfestival, with the show "The Object".

                   Victoria Bang                                           Anders Fors                                         Peter Nordstrand                                    Daniel Malmqvist 

          Anneli Söderström                             

Anton Romanus 

Agnes Edvall 

[The Object]

Have you ever showed an object to a friend and said - "This thing has a very special story"?

In this fun puls beating show we begin to get an actual object from the audience, and then we take off! Is the object a huge secret? An object that destroyed a relationship? A crazy ride you'll never forget? No matter what it is, your object gives us inspiration to the story and we give you a great thrilling show that makes your toes curl in your shoes. Let's meet the object!


director and idea : Victoria Bang

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