A duo with Glenn Hall ( Australia) and me with the show #perfectmatch2k30


Downloading Love™ is easy. There is an app, an algorithm that enables any relationship; lust, sex and love are not bound by money, time or place.

There are no more random meetings, no chance encounters, yet you can have any Love™ you like. Just a tap and a swipe at the tip of your digits mean you need never be alone - once you've found your #perfectmatch2k30. Sounds like the perfect dance of two violins in a perfect world. 

But what happens if there's discordance in the formula? When is perfect not perfect enough? Can you patch the glitch?

#perfectmatch2k30 explores the spaces between binary relations and the future of love - in a world where perfection is possible, what would it take for you to upgrade Love™?

Read more about this duo HERE

Director and idea : Victoria Bang and Glenn Hall



I´ll go where you go


This is an exiting show that goes in one flow. The improvisers follow the groups impulses in movements and dynamic, which can be both abstract and concrete. Scenes will be born through movement instead of inputs of speach. A fun exploring, different format that is not played so often on scenes in Europe.

director and idea : Victoria Bang

"- Victoria is one of my favourite performers. I strongly recommend her as a teacher, improviser, and performing artist" - Peter Nordstrand, Producing Artistic                                                                                 Director for Gothenburg improfestival 

[The Object]

Have you ever showed an object to a friend and said - "This thing has a very special story"?

In this fun puls beating show we begin to get an actual object from the audience, and then we take off! Is the object a huge secret? An object that destroyed a relationship? A crazy ride you'll never forget? No matter what it is, your object gives us inspiration to the story and we give you a great thrilling show that makes your toes curl in your shoes. Let's meet the object!


director and idea : Victoria Bang

This is my festivalshow,and is just as great as a duo, trio or full ensemble depending or what you would like to have on your theatre/festival! It can be performed with me and some of you, or I´ll will perfome it with  Le Swe-des, the coolest festivalgroup you´ll meet, with me (Victoria Bang), Anders Fors, Daniel Malmqvist and some other of our most popular and loved improvisers that I work with with experiences from ALL over the world!

- Victoria Bang is a world-class improvisor. Like all great improvisors she is an artist exploring what interests her while simultaneously joining her partners in play. She has great range from the gracefull to the grotesque and creates images, characters and scenes that stay with you long after the show. - Kevin Scott, The PIT ( USA ) 

I want the role!


This is a musical format, that is based on characters audition for a big musical. Now is the time for each and one of them to tell the jury why they want the role!


In this show we´ll give the audience a range of musical numbers to create a variated show in different tempo and see the characters open their heart how they really want the role. There is only 1 space left.


What are you ready to sacrifice, and  who will get the role? 

director and idea : Victoria Bang

The Place 


Where there's people there's stories. In ‘The Place’ we'll go to a specific location and take a glimpse into the lives of the people we find there. Who will we meet there at 5 o'clock in the morning on a cloudy Wednesday? What happened there 30 years ago on the last day of Spring at the exact same spot?


Make sure you get to ‘The Place’ where you can be a voyeur, as the performers explore relationships through time and space in a poetic and dynamic mix, while you sit back and soak up the view.

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